Info Screen System – RISD

Community Display – Rhode Island School of Design from Potion on Vimeo.

While working as RISD’s Interactive Media Director I conceived and co-led a project to add calendar display signage to RISD campus. This project  was endorsed by RISD President John Maeda, and I worked closely with Potion design who implemented this display. Originally the sign was just to post comments and calendar data but I advocated that we allow the sign to be able to accept artwork that students could upload so that the sign combined sef-submitted artworks as well as calendar data from RISD’s intranet.
Featured in prominent locations around campus, the screens refresh with a new batch of submissions twice an hour, arranging content based on Potion’s custom algorithm so that the layout is always unique and surprising. The application gives each submission its well-deserved moment in the sun by zooming into each artwork as Potion’s program moves from piece to piece.
More information on this project is available on Potion’s website:

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