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About US


Martha Elena Hernandez

Latinx? Sure. Fluent in Spanish and trained as a Graphic Designer in Caracas Venezuela and later at RISD – Martha has an aesthetic sensibility that makes everything she creates elegant and visually unique.  Detailed attention on each mark made, to the paper printed, she’s a thoughtful, innovative, de-lite to conspire with…

Identity + Logo 80%
Graphic/Print Design 70%
Web Design 40%

Eric Paul Meier

Built from parts of geek and artist (RISD), Eric has skills in both worlds. Many years of award-winning story-telling, mark-making, visual information organization and content systems. Likes having fun in the creative process with an eye on gaining tangible results. Can be prone to humming a tune as the creative process engages…

Creative Direction 80%
User Experience (UX) 60%
Video Production 55%

Chloe and Nico

Where would we be without these little monkeys to inspire us and to keep us on our toes? Even though you will likely not see these team members at any meetings with us, they keep us creative and full of good energy.

Humor 70%
Silliness 60%
Inspiration 95%