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Services + Skills


Graphic Design + Identity

Defining the visual representation of the Brand is what Identity and Graphic Design will do. We love this process and have spent our time and energy to hone a series of steps that will help shape your presence visually. Often seen as a subjective exercise, epmdesign will walk you through this journey to find the right visual voice for you.


UX Design

UX (User Experience) Design is the process of building a website or app in a way that respects the user and allows for them to work their way through your content and messaging in a strategic way that helps you and them. How something works is just as crucial as how it looks and we love the challenge of balancing both these in our projects.


Video Production

Video has the benefit of being multi-faceted and get a strong series of messages and feelings communicated in a short time span. There’s a knack for storytelling in video and we are story tellers. There’s a method and a manner for all types of communication strategies and audiences. Let us help share your story.


Martha + Eric Design started in 1999 as a way to keep our creative muscles exercised. While we both are actively employed we take on freelance work from time to time. The companies and organizations we’ve done work for include: Brown University, RI State Council on the Arts, GTECH, Fidelity Investments, RISD, Blue Cross, YMCA, Pilgrim Title, Recruiter.com, New England Coffee, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence Journal to name a few.



Branding: Identity+Logo 90%
UX Design 80%
Print Design 70%
Video Production 40%
  • Research

    Within each project there are questions that need to be asked to determine a course of action both aesthetically and functionally. No matter what the end piece or pieces will be. With us, it all begins with asking the right questions…

  • Design Thinking

    We love this process. Design thinking is a working methodology that we use to begin the process of letting the design or designs take shape. We work on them in sequences both apparent to the client and some in secret. Testing along the way and making some assumptions to allow for creativity to bubble up. It is a matter of refinement and chaos. And not in that order

  • Implementation

    Whether print, web or video, the implementation step is a crucial one for realizing the communication goal and getting the product out into the world. We realize that this stage allows from some real-world decision making and is a rewarding process to see something proposed brought to life and made real.

  • Celebrate and Review

    It’s good to take a moment to celebrate the completion of a project, especially one where you might have some attachment to the logo or the products implemented. That should be coupled with a review of next steps and what the future might hold for the work.